F-Gas Regulation and Legislation

F-Gas Regulation and Legislation

AC Solutions provides a complete design, supply and installation service, as well as we are always delighted to support with specific design of specialist air conditioning and refrigeration services or system applications.

Being totally independent and impartial we offer balanced advice on equipment, systems and manufacturers, pointing out the pros and cons specific to your building or required application.

Design services are provided free of charge if we also supply and install systems, but we can sometimes offer free design advice, particularly on refrigeration based systems i.e. VRV, VRF and split systems.

Leakage Inspections

The mandatory inspection of all systems containing 3kg or more of F gas is at the following frequencies:
3kg or more annually or 30kg or more, every six months

These are minimum requirements which are under review and could change to monthly checks.
The system must be checked for leakage within one month after a leak has been repaired to ensure the repair has been effective.

Maintenance of Records

Records must be maintained of F gases added or removed during installation and servicing of equipment containing 3kg or more. Log books for each piece of equipment are to be completed each time a service visit is made.


F gases must be recovered for recycling, reclamation or destruction. Venting of refrigerant to atmosphere is prohibited.
Training & Certification
It is a legal requirement that engineers must be qualified to be able to handle refrigerant gasses, our engineers are qualified to CITB Standards for Safe Handling of Refrigerants and Brazing We are also registered with DEFRA under the Environmental Protection Act for the transfer of waste gas


Equipment containing F gases must be labelled, clearly stating that it contains F gases and their quantity.

Legally, you the end user will be held responsible for implementing the F gas regulations. This will be vigorously policed by the Environmental Agency and any infringement will result in heavy fines and / or imprisonment and will apply from the Maintenance Foreman to the MD.

If you have an existing maintenance contract with us, we will ensure that we fully comply with the F gas regulations.

For the new customers we will be happy to help with your requirements and can submit a quotation for our F-Gas services.